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Do you want to borrow money online, but are you not familiar with the various options? And which loan is best for you? You can find the right information at www.veiligonlinegeldlenen.nl. Use the table below to answer your questions. Do you have any other questions about securely borrowing money online? The good news is that requesting a loan offer is free of charge and without obligation at all times. With this application you can ask all your questions to the consultant. This is happy to help you make a responsible choice for the right loan.

Borrow money? Securely borrow money online!

Borrow money? Securely borrow money online!

If you want to borrow money it is important to know how this works. Is it safe to borrow money? How can you ensure that you borrow money responsibly and securely online? You can borrow money online everywhere, but where do you really do this at the lowest interest and best product conditions, we’ll explain it to you!

How does this work?

How does this work?

Veiligonlinegeldlenen.nl is the number 1 in the field of responsible safe online money lending. We are specialists in refinancing and merging existing loans. You are also at the right address if you want to apply for a new loan for, for example, a renovation or car. After orientation and gaining all necessary information through our website, you can proceed to apply for a loan. You can apply for a credit in three steps:

  1. Fill in data; You have requested a quote within 5 minutes
  2. Obligation free quote; you will receive the cheapest offer by email or mail free of charge
  3. Contract & Payment; sign the contract we take care of the overall handling

After receiving your documents, we will process them and strive to obtain a final banking agreement within 24 hours so that you can use your financing.

Help with requesting a quote:

  • We offer you free assistance with your application, efficiently and carefully.
  • Protecting borrowing is possible with us, you can insure yourself against death, unemployment and disability against the most competitive net premium.

In both cases, you can request a quote on this page without obligation and your request will be further treated as described above.

What is the maximum amount of money I can borrow?

What is the maximum amount of money I can borrow?

When calculating the maximum loan that you can take out, a number of things are important. First of all, your personal financial situation is important:

  • How much do you earn per month and with what type of employment
  • Do you have other loans outstanding?
  • Are you living together, and do you have a property for sale or rent, for example?

On the basis of the above data a calculation is made based on the law and regulations (loan standard). The advisers of Veilig Online Geldlenen assist you free of charge and without obligation in calculating your maximum responsible credit amount (money loan).

How long does it take before the money is in my bank account?

After requesting the quote, which takes approximately 5 minutes, your request will be processed immediately. As soon as you receive the quotation after the telephone intake and you return it signed and scanned (by mail or by post), including all necessary documents, the bank can usually pay the next day and the money is available (depending on your bank) to your account within 24 hours.

Request a quote without obligation

Is a quote request free of obligations, is it not binding?

Yes, the credit application is entirely free of obligation. You are not committed to anything and no cancellation fees will be charged.

What are the costs of a loan?

What are the costs of a loan?

The costs of a loan only consist of interest. This does not mean:

  • No extra costs
  • No closing costs
  • No cancellation fees

You can already apply for a payday loan at a rate of 4.1% fixed interest. Of course this interest depends on the type of loan and the amount of money you want to borrow.

There are differences in interest rates between a revolving credit and a payday loan.

Can my current loan be cheaper?

Can my current loan be cheaper?

In many cases, some good examples are:

  • You have several loans such as Santander, ABN, Rabo, ING and would like to merge them into 1.
  • High interest on your visa credit card.
  • You are red on your checking account.
  • You have a Wehkamp, ​​Otto shipping house credit at a very high interest rate

When transferring the above loans, you immediately save on your interest. In addition, you reduce your current debt faster, by means of a suitable loan whereby you can always repay extra free of charge. Of course, we always look specifically at your situations and we take your personal wishes into account. We will immediately arrange it for you!

When do you qualify for a loan?

If you want to borrow an amount in excess of € 5000, you can only do so if you:

  • Has no banker listing.
  • You are not a starting entrepreneur (at least 3 affiliated financial years).
  • Are not a student
  • Are not Living in/living at home
  • Has no phase A temporary employment contract
  • Age between 25 and 65 years

Request a quote without obligation

What is a revolving credit?

What is a revolving credit?

The revolving credit is a type of loan in which the term and the interest are variable. In consultation with the intermediary you choose a maximum credit to be withdrawn, and you have the choice how much you want to withdraw.

The most important points of a revolving credit are:

  • Variable interest rate, depending on the interest rate
  • Variable duration, depending on the amount of the monthly repayment and withdrawal
  • Interim repayment without penalty
  • Possible from € 5,000

The revolving credit is one of the most used credit in the Netherlands, and has the following advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Withdrawal from your account, not the entire amount in one go
  • No interest on your deposit

If you want to know more about a revolving credit, take a look at our revolving credit page.

What is a payday loan?

What is a payday loan?

With a payday loan you can agree in advance, in cooperation with the intermediary, not only on the amount of your credit, but also on the monthly repayment and duration. It is also known in advance at what interest (costs) you can borrow.

With a payday loan:

  • Arrange in advance how much you want to borrow
  • The interest is fixed
  • Set the duration in advance
  • Do you know exactly where you stand

The payday loan is possible from € 5,000.

A number of advantages of the payday loan are:

  • Redeem additional fine freely
  • Tax benefit (renovation of owner’s house)
  • Residual debt financing, second home/chalet


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