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Many people with a negative private credit checker credit rating hope to get out of the credit crunch from a loan from abroad, of course without private credit checker. Guided by sonorous advertising promises, they often hope for miracles from private credit checker-free foreign loans.

With our information we would like to ensure that you are no longer dependent on credit advertising as a source of information. You get all the latest information about the loan, even the name of the bank for direct application. At the same time we name serious alternatives.

Credit from abroad – provider selection

Credit from abroad - provider selection

Many foreign banks work in Germany. You have a branch or a German subsidiary here. Around 160 foreign credit institutions are active in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt alone. The majority of foreign loans could come from many of these banks. Some grant foreign currency loans, which would be a real risk for Germans, given the disastrously weak USD.

Foreign credit institutions generate more than 500 billion USD in sales each year in Germany. The business models of foreign credit institutions do not differ from those of German providers. Every credit institution with its registered office or representation in Germany must adhere to the applicable regulations. If you work in private customer business, for example like Santander Bank, the interest may be cheaper than at the Sparkasse.

The rules to be followed, such as the inclusion of the private credit checker, are the same. If German consumers are looking for credit from abroad, then these credit institutions are not designed for their “special” credit request. As far as our research shows, only one credit bank fulfills the requirement to grant Germans legally private credit checkerfree credit. It is Sigma Kreditbank AG. The bank conducts its business from Liechtenstein.

Foreign credit without private credit checker – why negative headlines?

Foreign credit without private credit checker - why negative headlines?

The foreign bank is not to blame for the bad reputation of the loan without private credit checker. Not only do we have a serious impression of the bank, but also the news channel NTV. It is clear that private credit checker-free credit means a significantly increased risk for the lender. People who did not meet their payment obligations in the past apply for the loan. The risk is offset by a risk premium on the interest.

Installment loan without private credit checker costs about as much interest as overdraft overdraft for borrowers with normal credit ratings. The bank is currently calculating 11.12 percent and 11.11 percent APR. (As of July 2016). Nevertheless, it is not the high interest rate that keeps putting private credit checker-free loans in a bad light. The problem arises from sales through intermediaries.

Loans from abroad advertise on a large scale to credit intermediaries, as a Swiss loan or credit without private credit checker .. Unfortunately, credit repeatedly gets into the negative headlines because credit intermediaries geared towards “alternative business models” work unfairly. Typical would be half-rate advertisements, such as “credit without proof of credit” or “credit without credit”.

What is the point of excessive advertising promises?

What is the point of excessive advertising promises?

The goal of applying the foreign credit excessively is to reach as many applicants as possible. The fact that only a small number of prospective customers actually have credit opportunities does not bother unfair intermediaries. They align their commission business with the sale of insurance, credit cards, additional retirement provisions, …. All in all, the prospects of earning commission are so much better than having exclusive loan brokerage.

The business model may not be serious. Since many intermediaries known for these practices are still on the market after many years, it is probably even legal. – At least from the perspective of a legal layperson, there is no other logical explanation. Protection only provides information on what the actual loan offer is and why only a few may hope to be granted a loan.

Real bank promise – who has a credit chance?

Real bank promise - who has a credit chance?

The real promise of the bank is very simple. The private credit checker is promised not to ask for a credit check and not to report an approved loan to the private credit checker. Every credit request is checked in the individual case check. (No urgent loan without private credit checker). Those who are interested in credit and who have documented evidence of sufficient creditworthiness to obtain a loan receive credit. Credit from abroad is checked at least as hard as comparable bank loans despite private credit checker from within Germany.

The three loan models, USD 3,500, USD 5,000 or USD 7,500, can only be approved as employee loans. An indefinite, unconditional employment contract and a reasonable amount of income subject to social security are required. There must be no seizure of income or the attachable portion of the income must have been assigned. The borrower must also not be over-indebted.

The public debt register of the district court is also inspected for the credit check; it must be free of entries. Nevertheless, the loan from abroad is interesting for many. It opens the only real chance of a bank loan if the private credit checker entry is not completed. If the settlement note is entered, there are also serious credit opportunities from Germany.

Domestic loan despite private credit checker – serious alternatives

Domestic loan despite private credit checker - serious alternatives

The bad reputation of a special loan with negative private credit checker in the media does not stop at domestic offers. We therefore present the Smava and Auxmoney loan brokerage portals as a reputable alternative to foreign loans.

Both portals offer credit brokerage privately, despite private credit checker, and have been market leaders for years. A flawless reputation precedes both portals. We recommend Smava as an alternative to a loan from abroad. Because, through the portal, both private and serious bank credit is conveyed.


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