Cheapest low interest loan you can easily find.

Would you like to take out a loan but are still looking for the cheapest interest? Or do you have problems taking advantage of a loan offer because the creditworthiness is not sufficient?

We want you to be able to take out low-interest loans easily. We support your request with offers from the credit comparison and information. We reveal how credit institutions measure creditworthiness, which interest rates are worthwhile for you, and how credit hurdles can be overcome.

Take out a loan – who can easily get a loan?

Take out a loan - who can easily get a loan?

Taking out a loan is not equally easy for everyone. The score decides at almost every bank today who gets credit and who unfortunately stands empty-handed. In principle, the score is just a numerical or numerical value that shows the creditworthiness. Or the other way around, which represents the risk of credit default based on experience.

The information stored by Credit bureau is incorporated into the score of practically every credit institution. The loan officer could therefore theoretically do without a Credit bureau extract without misjudging the credit risk. Because the scoring system works so reliably, lending is becoming faster and faster. In many cases, the computer now decides almost exclusively on the loan.

In addition to personal values, the score also takes into account numbers from comparison groups. In rare exceptional cases, it is therefore possible that the scoring value is incorrect. In this case, borrowing is more difficult because only lenders who are not yet fully confident in the software are eligible. In case of doubt, they offer the individual case check for the credit decision.

A case-by-case assessment means that a person evaluates the personal creditworthiness of a loan based on supporting documents. What is important to him is not just the income situation itself, but an overall picture of the financial situation. The statements of the salary account are checked with particular care. For example, they reveal whether safe payment solvency can be assumed. The extracts show risks for credit default through chargebacks or payments to collection agencies.


The Credit bureau self-assessment provides a guideline for how personal creditworthiness should be assessed. Once a year, everyone can request their own information free of charge.

Take out loan with low interest rates – provider

Take out loan with low interest rates - provider

The time to borrow could not be better chosen for people with good credit ratings. Zero percent key interest rates lead to fantastic low-interest offers from many banks. To follow the advertisement for the low-interest loan would still be of little use. A free loan comparison on the Internet enables interested parties to find the cheapest interest rate offer faster and more securely.

Three mouse clicks are enough – loan amount, desired term and purpose – so that the loan comparison lists all relevant loan offers. The cheapest interest tops the list. It is mostly a credit-dependent offer of interest. This means that everyone receives the interest that is given to the borrower based on their personal credit rating. Credit-dependent loan interest rates can be compared well using the representative example.

The representative example shows the interest rate that 66 percent of all borrowers receive from this provider. If you want to be sure from the beginning of how high your loan interest is, you should pay attention to interest rate offers that are independent of creditworthiness and have a normal credit rating. Every borrower who demonstrates the basic creditworthiness of the loan is given the advertised interest rate.

Regular loan with “starting difficulties” – problem solving

Regular loan with "starting difficulties" - problem solving

If the immediate approval shows the information to contact a clerk instead of the hoped-for loan approval, there can be two reasons. It can be due to the amount of income or the household bill. Personal creditworthiness as a rejection factor is ruled out because it is not queried for the immediate acceptance. The problem can already be remedied if potential borrowers switch offers.

Taking out a loan is possible at every bank on slightly different terms of acceptance. It might also help to try a lower monthly rate. If the budget statement shows too little surplus, a lower rate may be acceptable. If necessary, a loan with a guarantor or co-applicant could solve the problem of regular lending.

If all attempts end unsuccessfully, a guarantor is out of the question, nothing is lost. If a larger purchase is to be financed, sales credits come into play. Both favorable interest rates and easier loan approvals offer loans that are intended to promote the sale of goods. A good customer history (mail order), a clean Credit bureau and proof of regular income are sufficient for lending.

Take out loan – reputable private loan offers

Take out loan - reputable private loan offers

Taking out credit from private donors is not a stroke of luck for credit among friends, but rather through reputable loan brokerage portals. Lending from private to private is a comparatively young business idea. The portals Best Lender and Good Finance are recognized as market leaders and for seriousness. The business areas of both providers are similar, but still different.

Taking out a loan, despite the negative Credit bureau from private customers, is possible, for example, via both portals. The profile of requirements for prospective creditors who apply for their loan via Good Finance would be noticeably lower. Best Lender scores when all potential loan providers should be addressed as comprehensively as possible. Bank loans and private loans are made possible under the same roof.

Our conclusion on credit in difficult cases is therefore that taking out a loan at Best Lender stands for the versatility of modern loan offers. With a limited credit rating, no credit opportunity should be left unchecked in order to combine low interest rates with problematic financing.


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