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A negative BKR registration can often be a problem for you for a long time. Maybe you have had some problems in the past and you still have to bear the consequences. This is of course very annoying. Sometimes it is necessary to be able to borrow money quickly. After all, you cannot always pay for everything directly from your own pocket. Certainly not when it comes to the larger investments. It is then important for you that you can borrow without the BKR having to play a decisive role in this. In some cases this is also possible.

A mini loan

A mini loan

A type of loan where it is often not important whether you have a negative registration with the BKR is the mini loan. This shape is very short-term. Often it concerns maturities of no more than two weeks or a month. Moreover, the amounts are very small. Usually no more than a thousand euros and in extreme cases no more than fifteen hundred euros. This is also the reason why this form is often called a mini loan or a flash credit. Most providers of these forms are flexible when it comes to the BKR. Thus it is possible to borrow small amounts without BKR.

Larger amounts


If you want to borrow more than one thousand to fifteen hundred euros, it will be more difficult to do so without the intervention of the BKR. With larger amounts, the provider will not get away from having your past taken into account. It also often depends on the type of registration after your name. After all, there are different forms at the BKR. Yet borrowing money is often more difficult this way. Even when your registration has been restored, it will always remain visible that you were listed in the past. This will always scare off institutions that lend money.

Borrow in the right way

Borrow in the right way

Because you may be dealing with your credit registration, it is wise to think as much as possible about the way you borrow. For example, you can think about the amount and duration of the loan. By limiting these types of issues you also prevent unnecessary risks. In such cases, a mini-loan can often be the right solution to solve your problem. In that case, you do not borrow more than necessary and you are not tied to it for very long. This is primarily a solution for solving minor acute problems.


Taking out a mini loan does not have to affect your registration with the BKR. This is especially important for the future. Hopefully there will come a time for you when registration is restored. In addition, more and more companies are making efforts to completely remove a registration after someone has met certain conditions. Until then it is especially important to act according to your options. For example, by taking out small loans where the BKR does not play a role when you need this money. This way you can at least deal with problems.

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